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Hydrologic Scenario Generation
for a Changing World

Our mission is to better predict and prepare for the risks we are facing by putting the best hydrologic science directly in the hands of decision makers.

On demand watershed forecasts

Users can quickly explore current and future watershed conditions anywhere in the US without any modeling experience.

More than just streamflow

We provide analysis of the entire watershed including snowpack, soil moisture and groundwater allowing users to get a complete picture of water availability.

Seasonal outlooks

We go beyond two week weather forecasts to provide ensembles of seasonal forecasts, providing the lead time needed for decision makers and planners.

How do we do it?

We train machine learning models on advanced physics based simulations and observations. These machine learning models allow users to explore watershed conditions and build customized scenarios on the fly without the extensive time and expertise typically needed to build a custom watershed model.

Our Team

Our team is an interdisciplinary group of hydrologists, software engineers, data scientists and machine learning specialists, working in academia, government and private industry. We came together through the NSF convergence accelerator program with the shared vision of improving hydrologic forecasts.

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Our Application

National Observation Gateway

Seamless browsing and download of observed watershed conditions (streamflow, groundwater and snow) in one place.

National Current Conditions

Explore and download areas of interest from our national soil moisture and water table depth current condition products

Seasonal Forecasts of Watershed Conditions

Create seasonal forecasts for your watershed on-demand for a variety of potential future weather conditions.

New Release Coming Soon!

Our first launch is being rolled out to a small set of users, if you would like more information or to be notified for access on our next launch please subscribe here .

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